Luke Thornhill


Censor this Dick!

Censor this Dick!


Have you ever looked at a dick and thought… that would make a great elephant? Or maybe even a corkscrew? This book is for all those that have a filthy mind or for those who want to censor the filth in this world (though, I don’t know why you would want that). 

The idea came about after I was sat on a bus (for what felt like a fucking eternity), it was raining like mad and I decided like any self respecting adult to draw some dicks on the steamed up windows. My friend decided to turn my filth into faces. I decided to make her a book full of dicks to censor and that’s when I decided the world needed more dick and I wanted to make that dickness happen. 

The Censor this Dick book is ready for your imagination to go crazy AF... all you need now is a pen. 



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